As the demand for Bora artificial grass grows, so does the choice and different types of grass on the market not to mention suppliers and installation methods.

Not all the artificial grass turf is created the same way. Depending on the types of grass, its component may vary a little or a lot compared to other variants, Luxury artificial grass carpet look full and are bouncy, Sports Turf is bit firmer to provide a durable playing surface. Disposable artificial grass mats may use low-quality raw materials. Fake Artificial Grass Turf mat with more than a decade of expected lifespan uses high-grade materials. Colour-wise, multi-tones can help make the turf look more realistic.

Compared with real Natural Grass turf (which costs upto Rs 50 per sqft). fake bora artificial grass turf is expensive, but you could still make long-term savings. After all, you won’t have to buy and maintain trim the grass (mowing), or buy any pesticides or fertilizers. You’ll also save time, as there will be no more need trimming (mowing), raking or re-sowing, watering. You could try Laying it yourself, but if you want a perfectly level lawn and a good quality finish, its probably best to employ our professional landscaper turf installer artificial grass specialist to fit it for you.

Some of the salient features artificial grass  are:

  1. Appearance and texture of real grass, looks and feels like real natural grass.
  2. Bora Artificial grass yarn is specialize for greater resiliency, high temperature resistance, fade resistance, superior durability.
  3. This Bora Grass Yarn are Virgin Polyurethane athletic FIFA grade material. This Grass Turf have multiple-layer backing with holes for vertical drainages, can be dry quickly dislikes clothes fabrics.
  4. Low maintenance and friendly. Safe and widely used in outdoors and indoors.

Artificial Grass Roll Sizes :

Width : 2m and 4m

Length : 20m,25m and 30m

1 Roll of Artificial Grass Carpet is 430.4sqft., 538sqft. and 645.6sqft respectively.

Choosing artificial grass: 
Our ranges offers solutions for all budgets. For small areas, such as balconies or shaded corners of our garden, we always ready to serve you the best way. For physical inspections of quality and feel by touching the hundreds of  Artificial grass Turf samples Feel Free to visit our showroom/Godown Bora Turf Artificial Grass Store Sunday to Friday 9am-7pm.

Density and thickness
When choosing artificial grass, the main thing to think about when comes to quality, is density. This refers to the number of yarns ( grass blades fibres0 per square inch. Artificial grass, like carpet, is made from yarns of woven into a strong base (bora) layer. These are extremely hard-wearing synthetic fibres and the greater the numbers of yarns, the denser and thicker the artificial grass will be. Thick dense grass creates the most comfortable and luxurious feel underfoot. Low-density artificial grass is a great budget and is best in smaller areas that don’t have much foot traffic. While denser grass is the best option for high-traffic areas, for example Montessori hotels and schools, as it will last the longest.

Pile Height:

The pile height for the grass refers to the height of the upright blades(or yarns). Pile height varies significantly in different artificial grasses. As a rule, longer blades of grass look more lush and more natural. However, over time, very long blades can bend over themselves and results in a slightly flatter look, and there are many people who simply prefer a horter pile height. Our short-pile borafy range (15mm) will give the impression of a well-maintained lawn and is comfortable underfoot but doesn’t look as real as the medium to long pile grasses. Short piles are often ideal for a play surface or a golf putting lawn.

All the different artificial turf we supply are designed for longevity and range from 15mm pile height for ex boraG, to 40mm pile. We find that a 35mm and 30mm pile height tends to be the most popular options. At this height your grass looks lush and
natural, and with proper artificial grass maintenance, will keep its taller pile height.

Pile Type
The pile type refers to the ‘styles’ of the blades of grass.

As mentioned in the previous section, cheaper varieties will have one consistent pile type; usually it is just ‘straight’ or ‘curled’. We find that the best artificial grass has a hybrid of both. Usually they are mainly straight, with curled blades included, to give a more natural look.