Futsal For the Beautiful Game

Futsal was born in Uruguay, in the late 20th century. The football matches are played in technical way and in faster pace. The playing technique is also different than of playing in bigger field. Majority of Futsal Court are  covered by Metal Truss structure and PE Net and Metal Fences. Keeping mind these things futsal turf must ensure controlled rebound, speedy movements, and fluid sliding for the ball, to enhance the spectacular aspect that is typical of this sport.

In the Context of Nepal Futsal Court are became favourite spots since reportedly introduced in Nepal in 201, since then the craze for futsal is increasing in the country lately, with people of any age, be them businessman, job holder residing in downtown. Its certain and distinct features like the sport that can be played even in a limited space, and for a comparatively shorter time period, with a small team, are luring people, especially in city areas in particular where there is a lack of enough space for outdoor sports due to rapid urbanization. For many youths, futsal has become an easy and viable form of entertainment, especially due o a lack of open spaces in the cities.

Futsal’s popularity in recent years cannot be ascribed to the lack of open spaces alone. There are multiple other factors. In the game, Players touch the ball frequently, which some players say make it more exciting: games do not get disturbed by rain or wind; and the futsal hubs provides facilities such as showers and eateries. It has also paralleled the popularity of compact, shorter versions of sports in other parts of the world. Futsal artificial grass turf as as shock absorption, reducing abrasion from falls to a minimum, natural feeling, great aesthetic effect and optimal slide are some of the unique features. Besides of all that with minimum maintenance and availability all year round, with any climatic condition whether it is rain or sun.

Futsal arenas with improved facilities and wider sizes are on the verge of getting built across the country. This all is due to deep connection with the beautiful game along with strong occupancy, profitability and massive football lovers in Nepal. In Nepal, many futsal are already in operations with the price ranges, normally futsal court playing charge is based on hourly basis. As futsal arenas are built co-operation and integrated in house gaming principle job employees, students, businessman, football fanatics have had the opportunity to strike a match in the nearly natural look like artificial grass turf carpet that are opening across the country. By end of 2020 there will be 50 more futsal arenas with Gym, Swimming Pools, Eateries facilitate projects are starting operations in kathmandu and pokhara. The minimum size of futsal starts from 3200sqft. to 12000sqft. in Max. i.e mini 5A and 7A side futsal court. Bora Turf Artificial Grass Store proud to announced that we have built 11000 sqft. Futsal Court Sports Castle in Pokhara and Black Hole Futsal 11000 Sqft. Pokhara Shanti Tole on way to Tiger tree Hill and Pokhara International Airport Pokhara and one in Near  Lake side Mustang Chowk.  Nepal Biggest Futsal Court in International Standard is under-construction at Matshyagaun Kirtipur Named Matshyanarayan Recrestional Centre with size 12000 Sq.ft sourt Futsal Arena and International standard Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna Jacuzzi and steam bath, and good eatery facilitate as one stop recreation centre in under way to construction completion. Another Biggest Court One Tree Futsal Court in Bhaisepati sized 11000 sq.ft  have completed all the structure construction and  is waiting for the Futsal Grass Turf to be delivered,- due to corona virus pandemic goods have been stuck at Kerung Rasuwa Gadhi Custom. These futsal per hour charges are also vary with the facilities and infrastructure, Locations (how prime locations it is in) and its size obviously. Per hour charge of Playing Futsal starts from Rs 800- Rs 3000.

Some of important Health benefits of Playing  Football at Futsal Court

There are many physical an mental benefits of playing football at futsal court. Different journal it is reportedly acclaimed that playing football is the best ever body exercise and smarted move it is. Those who paly football have their blood pressure fall by an average of twice as much then those who decided to run. Besides, cholesterol level fall in soccer groups more than the running groups. Football playing increased the bones density as twice as much as of involving in running and other exercises. Football playing increases heart rate. Increased heart rate associated with increase flow of blood and oxygen in the body. This means your energy level will flow significantly. If you are saturated with office work and have tight schedule of businessman makes you stressed then you should go to play at futsal by which you will felt trembling refreshing and energized and it is social way of involving in physical exercise. It brings cohesiveness and unity and will reenergize your spirits.
You burn so many calories and fat due to which you can stay fit and healthy. You are fully focused, engaged, motivated and happy in whatever activity you are doing. One study showed that men who played football reported far less worries than those who went jogging and other exercise. Playing football enhance motivation more in female who took this game than the men who were stuck in jogging and other exercises. Playing Football in Small sizes (5A side) Futsal let to more high intensity movements than full 11-A-side game. It is due to the simple fact that 5-A side game are more intense as there is limited space for running an chasing the ball, keep you more engaged, give you more physical involvement, meant for pure enjoyment and provide the best value of money and best utilization of time.

BORA TURF Artificial Grass Supply Company :

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  1. Dhayentari Futsal Location: hadigaun,  Contact: 01-4009635 kathmandu,
  2. Shankhamul Futsal Location: Shankhamul Kathmandu Contact: 01-4782088,
  3. Sky goals sports Venue – Location: Bhat-Bhateni, maharajgunj, chakrapath, kathmandu, Contact; 014016303, 9849886640,
  4. Grassroots Recreational Center Location:  mandikatar, kathmandu, Contact 014375276,
  5. Maidan Futsal Location: Battisputali, Contact : 01-4497642, 9721589931, 9818722906 kathmandu nepal,
  6. Brothers Futsal Location: Opposite to Orchid School Jorpati NMC Contact : 9849802277,
  7. X-Cel Recreation Centre Location: Baluwatar, kathmandu Contact : 014440857, 984 1311864, 9808544784, 9841595814,
  8. Futsal Futsa Arena Location: GAA Hall, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, Contact: 014433515, 9801070700
  9. Royal Futsal, Location: Thapagaun, Anamnagar, Kathmandu Contact: 9808192257,
  10. Dhuku Futsal Hub Location : Sital Marg, maharajgunj, kathmandu Contact 014435832
  11. White Horse Futsal Center, Location : Sukedhara Nilopool, Kathmandu Contact 014015067 9849961991
  12. Rave Futsal Center Location : Sukhedhara Chowk Way to Ektabasti Kathmandu Contact 014374343, 9841223162
  13. Goalz!! Futsal @mela Location Bhrikutimandap, kathmandu, Nepal Contact : 9803641222
  14. Shantinagar Futsal Location : Om Shanti Chowk, Shanti-nagar, Kathmandu Contact 9851188181, 014108159,
  15. Kirtipur Futsal Location : Kirtipur kathmandu Contact : 9818149835
  16. BG Brothers Health Club Location : Pepsi-cola, kathmandu, Nepal, Contact 014992433 9803604020
  17. VaJra Futsal Location : Bijeshwori, Location: Soyambhu, Kathmandu, Contact: 014272353,
  18. Baneshwor Futsal N Recreation Center Location: New Baneshwor kathmandu, Contact 014105028,
  19. Mates Futsal  Location: Tahachal Contact : 01-4301295, 9818751751,
  20. Highway Futsal & Recreation hub Location: Jorpati-2 kathmandu Contact : 9808675143,
  21. Manang marshyangdi 6-A Side Futsal Location : Ranibaari kathmandu Contact: 9849321284
  22. Happy Futsal Location: Behind Ambey Residency Mitrapark Chabahil Contact; 016201888,
  23. Premier Futsal –  Location: Grandi samakhusi Contact: 9841673940,
  24. Kick Off Futsal Location: Sitapaila Contact: 9801003950,
  25. Hamro Futsal Location: Chabahil Contact: 014822000,
  26. Dhobighat Futsal Location: Dhobighat Contact:  9843129121,
  27. Surya Futsal Location: Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu Contact: 01-4371660,
  28. Velocity Arena Location: Ratopul, kathmandu Contact : 014481337
  29. Hardik Futsal Location: Koteshwor Chyasal Contact : 9851022524
  30. Nepa Futsal Location: Chamati-15 kathmandu, Contact: 9843199318, 9802006163


  1. Kathmandu Futsal Location: Lalitpur Nepal Contact : 9851137525, 9802021223, 9803024359
  2. Prismatic Futsal & Recreation Center Location: Sanepa Lalitpur Contact: 015521587,
  3. The Best Futsal Arena Pvt. Ltd Location: Lagankhel Mahalaxmisthan Contact: 9818617986
  4. UN Futsal Location: UN Park Contact: 9860553379 (NOT IN OPERATION)
  5. Lalitpu 5A Side Futsal indoor Futsal Location: Rajtirtha-2 Sanepa Contact: 015535453,
  6. Hattiban Futsal Location: Hattiban Contact: 015251490
  7. Goalpost Futsal Location: Bhaisepati; lalitpur Contact : 9841371376, 9818715475, 9851081026, 9851178928
  8. ARM Futsal Station Location: Sanepa, lalitpur, Nepal Contact : 015541495,
  9. Best Futsal Arena Location: Lagankhel, lalitpur, Nepal Contact: 9818617986


  1. Bhaktapur Futsal Location: Surya Binayak Contact: 016610404,
  2. Shooters Futsal Location: Bhaktapur Contact:  016610744,
  3. Khwopa Futsal Pvt Ltd Location: Libali-2 Contact:  015122051
  4. Khwopa Futsal and Training Center Location: Suryabinayak Contact: 9841708290,
  5. Promotional Futsal Location: Madhyapur Thimi Contact: 9818244883,
  6. Bode Futsal & Training Centre  Location: Dhunche Rd, Madhyapur Thimi Contact: 9849725833


  1. Pokhara Futsal Arena Sports Venue Location : Mustang Chowk Pokhara  Contact: 9814189544
  2. Pokhara battlefield Pvt. Ltd Location : Baidam, Lake Side, Pokhara, Contact: 061696615
  3. Pokhara Futsa Arena Location : Gairapatan, Contact : 9814189544
  4. BINOD DAI Futsal Location: Lakeside Pokhara Contact : 9816631339
  5. Sports Castle Location: Ganesh Tole Pokhara Contact : 9824102555
  6. Black Hole Futsal Location : Way to Tiger Tree Shanti Marg Tole Pokhara Contact : 9846952232