General Specification :

Pile height: 50mm
Yarn Shape : Very Strong fibre Grass Yarn
50cm wide stripes
Roll Sizes : 2m and 4m widths available
Drainage Holes in every 12-18inches
UV Stabilized
8 Years+ working life
Best for commercial use

Why BORA Turf Articial Grass ?

  • By upgrading to bora synthetic turf, you’ll be making a positive impact on your environment that sets a great example for your regular clients and students and kids at schools and Montessori. Over the long life of your field, you’ll be conserving a tremendous amount of water. The lack of regular maintenance will also reduce emissions and conserve fossil fuels as you wont be running any heavy equipment’s, and you will never have to use any fertilizers or pesticides- saving the environment.
    Installing artificial football turf is a cost-effective way to maintain a beautiful football field with a professional look without all the maintenance, expenses, and environmental headaches.
  • This grass looks so real and makes you feel like playing in Natural Green Grass. In Our Nepali Football Playing culture we used to play in muddy, and natural grass terrene, crop field and school ground. Our Bora Grass mat is designed and made according to the real rescue-like grass, with the blade around 1.4″ in length, you will not recognize its synthetic whether you are putting it indoor or outdoor

Super Easy maintenance:

Playing football in Futsal Grass in Kathmandu Nepal is very Enjoyable. So for the continuous endless enjoyment of playing on turf maintenance of turf is very important, we need to check the joining parts we need to check the area where sands and rubber quantity is low an make sure for re-infilling that area. Through rain or shine, pet poop or pee, this synthetic grass mat holds up durably without fading or falling off. We’ve used high-grade UV – resistance polyethylene and polyurethane polypropylene raw material for yarn production that is designed to withstand harsh sunlight or dog pee without degrading. Choose from our collection of synthetic artificial grass roll sizes and get best bang for your buck in Nepal