On delivery:

Bora Turf will ensure deliveries are made within a reasonable time from the point of order to the required customer data. Unless otherwise organized, somebody must be at the delivery address to sign for the goods on the day you have agreed to receive the order.

If nobody is in at the delivery address to receive and sign for your order, you will be charged a minimum of Rs. 10,000/ + vat for us to redeliver your order. Please carefully read the delivery terms below.

Check the product type is correct are per your choice.

Check the sizes of the rolls are correct.

Check to ensure all items ordered are delivered. (tape, glue, etc)

Check for damage before you sign for the goods (the goods should be kept fully supported in transit and should not be creased, bent, or folded).

Do not sign for damaged goods.

Take care in lifting and moving items as they are generally heavy and bulky.

Next Days Delivery

Standard next day delivery is subject to the carrier’s terms and conditions. A standard next day order will not be delivered at any specific time and notice cannot be given with regard to time. It is imperative that someone is at the delivery address throughout the day.

If a delivery has not arrived by 4 pm on your scheduled day, please call our office quoting your order number and we can advise of an ETA. If you are not available on the agreed delivery day to sign for the order and are subsequently ‘carded’ by a shipping for the delivery, then you will be charged Rs. 5,000/ + vat each time this occurs.

Bora Turf – +977 9803375033

If you have a dedicated delivery or premium timed delivery (available with a surcharge and subject to the carrier’s terms and conditions), notice can be given dependent on the carrier. Please ensure you have confirmed any additional requirements and instructions with the salesperson. If the dedicated driver gives you an hour’s notice, once at the site you will have a 15-minute window to meet the driver.

No goods will be dropped without an authorized signature and the delivery address cannot be changed. If you are not on the site to sign for the delivery, a new delivery day will have to be arranged with the office and you will be charged for the full cost of the redelivery – please note this may exceed your original delivery cost, as your original delivery could have been one of many deliveries on a particular vehicle and on redelivery it may be an item that is on its own.

If receiving a roll, please note the roll(s) cannot be folded or bent. You must ensure that when you place your order the roll can be moved to your desired location (e.g. If you have a roof garden, the roll would potentially need to fit up the stairs or in a lift). If you cannot accept the delivery, for this reason, you would still be liable for the cost of carriage, the cost of returning the roll, and a 30% re-stocking charge. The re-stocking charge would not be applicable if you wish to set up another delivery, however, there would be an additional carriage charge to re-deliver the roll.

The delivery driver will only drop the roll-off at your agreed delivery address. The delivery driver is not covered by insurance to move the roll to your back garden, garage, balcony, or any other location, hence 1 to 2 people are normally required to be at the delivery address to receive the order.

We are not liable for any loss of profit or other direct or indirect loss the customer may suffer as a result of the goods being faulty, damaged, delayed or lost in transit by a carrier of whom the company has no control.

Your measurements:

Our product size calculations are a guide only and cannot be relied upon for your project if you have supplied the measurements and plans. Double-check your measurements before you install them as we cannot take responsibility. Bora Turf allow 20mm additional length cut so the client can trim in on-site.

Product specification & tolerances:

Our products are sold as per their technical specifications. It is your duty to request the technical product specification sheet prior to your order.

All products are sold with the following tolerances: Roll widths: +/- 2 cm. Height, weight, and stitch rate: +/- 10% of the specification.

Each production batch of each product may vary slightly in yarn color and may differ from the original sample you have received.

Before you install:

Ensure that the material is free from any unacceptable faults or blemishes. Please roll out all surfaces before any install commences to also double check it is the product you ordered. We cannot accept liability for products that have been installed that are incorrect or contain a fault.

Please also roll out the material to check before you begin joining or trimming. In the event the goods are not fit for use, you must notify us immediately so a replacement can be arranged. Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in extra charges being incurred.

Joining & fitting:

Please remove any selvage edges before joining.

All products should be fitted running in the same direction. The pile direction will change the shade on the turf.

All of our products are designed to be sand-dressed. Failure to do so may affect the installation quality.

If using for a replacement natural lawn, it is preferable to run the product towards the house (so you are looking into the pile), so when you look out the window of your house, it gives the most authentic lush look.

Call Bora Turf for further advice.


Due to the bespoke nature of our goods, we cannot accept returns on our products.

As all products are cut to order, any item that has to be returned (i.e. unable to accept delivery), will be subject to a 30% re-stocking charge and the customer is liable for all of the carriage costs in returning the item.

Maintenance of artificial lawn:

A regular maintenance program is always recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy. Follow these few simple steps;

1. Regularly remove leaves and debris using a petrol leaf blower (for best results), a stiff brush or a plastic rake.

2. As the surface is perfect germination for seedlings, an application of a weed killer once or twice a year is paramount. Bora Turf cannot prevent seedling blowing in from surrounding plants/trees or from neighboring gardens. Early prevention and treatment is important to keep the perfect lawns

3. If there is no transfer of dirt/soil, artificial grass is pretty much self-cleaning. However, if the ‘grass’ needs cleaning, hosing down using a light detergent and a stiff brush (or a mechanical brush for best results) is recommended.

If you need any further information or advice regarding your order, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you once again for your valued custom